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【学术报告会】美国卡耐基梅隆大学 Jessica Zhang 教授学术报告会通知

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报告人:美国卡耐基梅隆大学 Jessica Zhang 教授

主题:Image-Based Mesh Generation and Volumetric Spline Modeling for Isogeometric Analysis with Engineering Applications



In this talk, I will highlight our research on image-based mesh generation for complicated domains, trivariate spline modeling for isogeometric analysis (IGA), as well as biomedical, materials science and engineering applications. I will first present advances and challenges in image-based geometric modeling and meshing along with a comprehensive computational framework, which integrates image processing, geometric modeling and mesh generation with multi-scale analysis at molecular, cellular, tissue and organ scales. Then, I will present a centroidal Voronoi tessellation (CVT) based surface segmentation method to build polycubes, which are used to generate volumetric control meshes via parametric mapping. After that, truncated hierarchical spline basis functions are derived to enable partition of unity and linear independence. Furthermore, blended B-spline and hybrid nonuniform subdivision approaches are developed to construct basis functions around extraordinary nodes, achieving an optimal convergence rate of IGA. The developed platforms have been incorporated into Rhino, Abaqus and LS-DYNA for engineering applications.


Short Bio:

Jessica Zhang is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University with a courtesy appointment in Biomedical Engineering. She received her B.Eng. in Automotive Engineering, and M.Eng. in Engineering Mechanics from Tsinghua University, China; and M.Eng. in Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics and Ph.D. in Computational Engineering and Sciences from Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences (ICES), The University of Texas at Austin. She joined CMU in 2007 as an assistant professor, and then was promoted to an associate professor in 2012 and a full professor in 2016. Her research interests include computational geometry, mesh generation, computer graphics, visualization, finite element method, isogeometric analysis and their application in computational biomedicine, material sciences and engineering. She has co-authored over 170 publications in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings, and received the Best Paper Award 1st Place in Solid and Physical Modeling Conference 2018, Autodesk Best Paper Award 1st Place in SIAM Conference on Solid and Physical Modeling 2015, the Best Paper Award in CompIMAGE’16 conference, one of 5 Most Highly Cited Papers Published in Computer-Aided Design during 2014-2016, and one of 10 Most Cited Articles Published in Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering during 2005-2008. She published a book entitled “Geometric Modeling and Mesh Generation from Scanned Images” with CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group in 2016. She is the recipient of Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, NSF CAREER Award, Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award, USACM Gallagher Young Investigator Award, Clarence H. Adamson Career Faculty Fellow in Mechanical Engineering, George Tallman Ladd Research Award, and Donald L. & Rhonda Struminger Faculty Fellow. She is a Fellow of USACM and ELATE at Drexel.